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Winter's coming, so don't let the dreaded mould get you down as a result of condensation!

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Summer News - Calling all Landlords

Now the summer is finally here this is the time to rectify all those mould problems, using Passyfier® Vent Kits, Extractor Fans, Fungicidal Washes, Anti-Mould Paints etc., that you have been putting off during the winter/spring period, whilst the weather is in your favour.

It's always interesting to hear people saying to us, "Do you actually carry the stock shown and when will delivery be?". When we reply and say, "the goods are on next day delivery and how many pallets do you want?", there is always a silence! But, joking aside, we do sell one offs to pallet orders and most importantly you do have to speak to a human before placing an order, who will give you advice should you need it!

Over and out from The Sales Team

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April & May News - Spring Is In The Air

In March we saw an unprecedented increase in new customers coming to us (Over 60% of these new customers were recommendations, a statistic any politician this May would be jealous about!) for all sorts of products, and we are looking forward to this continuing.

Now spring is in the air it's the time to do a proper clean down of all that mould using a fungicidal wash, then paint the external walls internally using an anti-mould paint. Oh, and if you do not want just white anti-mould paint, we can tint to any pastel shade you want as long as you give us a Dulux paint reference.

Sorted then? Well not quite! Let's not forget about the top end of condensation control ventilation which can be accommodated via extractor fans with automatic humidity detection to kitchens and bathrooms and Passyfier® Vents which, act as an exhaust - without the dreaded draught - to release all that trapped water vapour in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms etc., thus aiding humidity control.

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February & March News

New fan range takes off! The Bathroom/Shower room Simply Silent™ Contour range of 100mm extractor fans featuring innovative Ghost™ Air Movement Technology to deliver near-silent running. These fans can be wall or ceiling mounted. If ceiling mounted using 100mm diameter rigid ducting up to a 3 metre run is possible.

Sold normally in kit form (but can be sold individually) and fronted externally by ArrestAir-Pro cowl (available in white or brown) so not to restrict the performance in windy conditions. “Say Goodbye to all those annoying gravity flaps”

See the new range here»


A Big Thank you to all our existing customers for your continued support over this last year.

May we wish you all a Happy New Year.

From All The Staff Of The Condensation Shop.


DIY Donny

DIY Donny, Formerly Known As Donald Sheridan

the resident DIY agony uncle for the Saturday Mirror & Sunday Mail recommends Passyfier Dehumidifier Vents (being non-mechanical) the solution for condensation control in Living Rooms, Dining Rooms & Bedrooms etc.


From October 2014 we are no longer supplying the PASS 75 nominal 100mm diameter (4”) core version of our Passyfier Dehumidifier Wall Vent Kits.

The PASS 100 nominal 125mm diameter (5”) core version is now our minimum standard which gives a vapour transmission of 1 litre over 24 hours and is available in low or high rise variants and a choice of 6 external colours.

The PASS 140 nominal 162mm diameter (6”) core version being our largest gives a vapour transmission of 1.4 litres over 24 hours and is available in low or high rise variants and white or brown external colours.

con•den•sa•tion n.

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the passyfier vent

Passyfier Dehumidifier Vent for Condensation Control
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Maximum water vapour transmission 2.3 litres per 24 hours
  • NEW internal grille in white with built in fly screen. Now with extra coverage for ease of retro-fitting.
  • Core and sleeved vent kits available

Used for Condensation Control


the arrestair-pro vent

Arrestair Pro for Ventilation of Heating Appliances
  • Core and Sleeved Kits available
  • Combined grille and hood for those annoying existing draughty vents/airbricks
  • Controls wind blast and prevents draughts irrespective of wind direction
  • Does not cause significant reduction of ‘Effective Area’ in cross winds
  • Tested Independently

Used for Air Combustion Venting

ArrestAir Pro

ArrestAir-Pro Plus for Background Ventilation
  • Core and Sleeved Kits available
  • Internal grille has manually controllable internal closing plate plus fly mesh
  • Saves energy with passive air flow
  • Provides over 5000 mm squared equivalent area when used with most duct sizes
  • Tested Independently

Used for Background Ventilation

ArrestAir Pro Plus

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Passyfier Conservation Kits

Available in both Core and Sleeved versions

Passyfier PASS 140

Used and approved by:
Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Damp Proofing Contractors, Condensation Specialists, House Building Contractors.

ArrestAir Pro Grille

ArrestAir Pro Range

Provides air combustion venting for heating appliances. The external grille can be retro-fitted over existing draughty vents, and has universal coverage.

Best in class for safety and Anti-Draught Performance.

NEW Sealant Accessories

Superior Forever White silicone sealant, sturdy skeleton gun and Strip-Out tool.

PosiMaster Dryair Range

The PosiMaster Ventilation System

PosiMaster-Roof Dryair for Houses & Bungalows and PosiMaster-Combi Dryair for Flats, Maisonettes & Basements

PosiMaster is a true ventilation system that uses natures's fresh air to ventilate the entire house, a ventilation system that installs unobtrusively in the roof space and gently introduces fresh air into the home. Find out more>>

NEW Ducting Range

A comprehensive range of ducting available in both round and rectangular profiles and in a variety of sizes.

NEW Extractor Fan Range

For Kitchens and Bathrooms

NEW ArrestAir Pro+ Vent

For background ventilation.

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