con•den•sa•tion n.

“The change of a vapour or gas into liquid form. This change of state is accompanied by the release of latent heat, which alters the adiabatic temperature change in rising air. Condensation in meteorology can be caused by: the cooling of a constant volume of air to dew point, the expansion of a parcel of air without heat input, the evaporation of extra moisture into the air, the fall in the moisture-holding capacity of the air due to changes in both volume and temperature, and contact with a colder material or air mass.”

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the passyfier vent

Passyfier Dehumidifier Vent for Condensation Control
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Maximum water vapour transmission 2.3 litres per 24 hours
  • NEW internal grille in white with built in fly screen. Now with extra coverage for ease of retro-fitting.
  • Core and sleeved vent kits available

Used for Condensation Control


the arrestair-pro vent

Arrestair Pro for Ventilation of Heating Appliances
  • Core and Sleeved Kits available
  • Combined grille and hood for those annoying existing draughty vents/airbricks
  • Controls wind blast and prevents draughts irrespective of wind direction
  • Does not cause significant reduction of ‘Effective Area’ in cross winds
  • Tested Independently
ArrestAir-Pro Plus for Background Ventilation
  • Core and Sleeved Kits available
  • Internal grille has manually controllable internal closing plate plus fly mesh
  • Saves energy with passive air flow
  • Provides over 5000 mm squared equivalent area when used with most duct sizes
  • Tested Independently

Used for Air Combustion Venting

ArrestAir Pro

Used for Background Ventilation

ArrestAir Pro Plus

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Eclipse Heat Recovery Ventilator - £300

We are offering a limited time offer on the Eclipse Heat Recovery Ventilator for £300 (inc. VAT & Delivery) until October 31st 2014.

Eclipse Heat Recovery Ventilator

The Eclipse is suitable for use in a wide variety of domestic commercial and light industrial environments: Kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, lavatories & washrooms, offices.

Passyfier Conservation Kits

Available in both Core and Sleeved versions

Passyfier PASS 140

Used and approved by:
Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Damp Proofing Contractors, Condensation Specialists, House Building Contractors.

ArrestAir Pro Grille

ArrestAir Pro Range

Provides air combustion venting for heating appliances. The external grille can be retro-fitted over existing draughty vents, and has universal coverage.

Best in class for safety and Anti-Draught Performance.

NEW Sealant Accessories

Superior Forever White silicone sealant, sturdy skeleton gun and Strip-Out tool.

PosiMaster Dryair Range

The PosiMaster Ventilation System

PosiMaster-Roof Dryair for Houses & Bungalows and PosiMaster-Combi Dryair for Flats, Maisonettes & Basements

PosiMaster is a true ventilation system that uses natures's fresh air to ventilate the entire house, a ventilation system that installs unobtrusively in the roof space and gently introduces fresh air into the home. Find out more>>

NEW Ducting Range

A comprehensive range of ducting available in both round and rectangular profiles and in a variety of sizes.

NEW Extractor Fan Range

For Kitchens and Bathrooms

NEW ArrestAir Pro+ Vent

For background ventilation.

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