arrestair-pro plus - for background ventilation

Used ONLY for additional ventilation in new build or refurbishment projects where it is not possible to provide sufficient ventilation via window or roof trickle vents.

ArrestAir-Pro Plus DiffuseAir for Background Ventilation

  • Saves energy with passive airflow
  • Controls wind blast and prevents draughts irrespective of wind direction
  • Provides over 5000mm2 equivalent area when used with most duct sizes
  • Internal grille has manually controllable internal closing plate plus fly mesh
  • Safely prevents gas spillage caused by side winds
  • Can be used in new build and retro-fitted in refurbishment projects etc.
  • Conforms to BS EN 13141-1:2004
  • Conforms to Building Regulations Part F October 2010

Using a combination of the tried and tested range of ArrestAir-Pro Plus DiffuseAir products, this background ventilation version has been skillfully modified to ensure the internal grille has a closing plate and incorporates a fly mesh.

Having been fully tested the Building Research Establishment has determined the equivalent areas of ArrestAir-Pro Plus through wall assemblies opposite with circular ducting up to 150mm and rectangular ducting, up to a nominal size of 225mm x 150mm, to enable compliance with Building Regulations minimum requirements.

The larger duct sizes increase the equivalent free area for better air quality in warm weather. The air exchange rate can be controlled to save energy by adjusting the closing plate when the external temperature cools.

Although not shown the ArrestAir-Pro, being the external grille, and the DiffuseAir internal grille together can be used for upgrading existing wall vents to save energy and prevent draughts. For optimum performance ArrestAir-Pro and DiffuseAir should be fixed centrally over any wall duct.

The Building Regulations Require:
  • At least 5,000mm2 total equivalent area of ventilation to be provided to each habitable room and 2,500mm2 equivalent area to each wet room.
  • Background ventilators should be sited to avoid draught, i.e. not less than 1.7m above floor level.

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