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continuous mechanical extract systems


House Diagram

CVE Eco 2

The CVE Eco 2 range of products (continuous mechanical extract system) not only out performs intermittent fans, it uses less energy too.

The continuous flow of air created by the CVE Eco 2 removes wet and contaminated air form kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms to leave a clean healthy indoor climate for occupants.

A highly-efficient DC motor powers the unit while backward curved blades on the impeller minimise dust build up. This means that occupants with a CVE Eco 2 enjoy more comfort and lower fuel bills.

CVE Eco 2 fan model has capacity to move 325m3/h@150 pa of air - domestic.
CVE Eco 2 HP model has capacity to move 451m3/h@150 pa of air - semi commercial.
Specific fan power of just 0.18 W/l/s in homes with kitchen, wet room and up to six additional rooms (exceeding the EST's 0.6 W/l/s recommendation)
Light, quiet and easy to maintain.
Controllable by wired three-way switch or remote wireless controller from any number of rooms.
Ideal for installation in family homes, apartment blocks and small offices.
Can be installed in either new build or refurbishment properties.

125mm round rigid ducting and fittings required, see 125mm Round Ducting.


CMX-S MEV unit is suitable for properties with a floor area up to 275m2.
Specific fan power of just 0.24 W/l/s with kitchen and up to 6 wet rooms.
Weighing just 3.25 Kg, compact (125mm deep) is ideal for small void depths.
Max power (W) 83.
Distinct moulded EPP casing reduces noise.
Can be fitted horizontally or vertically.
Max extract volume 430m3/h

220x90mm rectangular rigid ducting and fittings required. Let us quote for 150mm diameter round rigid ducting, see 150mm Round Ducting (will fit via adapter 970, see Ducting & Adapters).

Code Description Code Description
ANC848A Low/boost switch. ANC808A Humidity control with adjustable overrun timer and manual override neon indicator.
ANC849A Occupied/unoccupied - low boost switch. ANC846A Duct mounted humidity control with remote sensor and adjustable overrun timer.
ANC850A Low/boost purge switch. ANC813A PIR movement sensor with adjustable overrun timer.
ANC108A Adjustable overrun timer. ELE150R 6 switched live backfeed-protected junction box.
ANC802A Humidity control with adjustable overrun timer
SAP Q Performance Data
Application SFP W/(l/s)
Kitchen & 1 wet room 0.24
Kitchen & 2 wet rooms 0.25
Kitchen & 3 wet rooms 0.29
Kitchen & 4 wet rooms 0.35
Kitchen & 5 wet rooms 0.43
Kitchen & 6 wet rooms 1.54

Note: Relavent to both systems. If no trickle vents or wall vents exist we recommend the installation of Passyfier Vents, one per room for air replacement.

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