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professional dehumidifiers

on the wall dehumidifier - for cars & motorcycles

Order Code: CSOTW15AX

Calorex Dehumidifier
  • Width: 825mm, Height: 320mm, Depth: 363mm
  • Power Supply = 230AC
  • Nominal Power Consuption: 0.43KW
  • Max. Supply Fuse: 10amps
  • Non Heater Option
Calorex Dehumidifier
  • Width: 782mm, Height: 648mm, Depth: 270mm
  • Power Supply = 230AC
  • Dehumidifier Power Input: 0.75KW
  • Max. Supply Fuse: 10amps
  • Non Heater Option
Calorex Dehumidifier
  • Width: 1247mm, Height: 648mm, Depth: 270mm
  • Power Supply = 230AC
  • Dehumidifier Power Input: 1.2KW
  • Max. Supply Fuse: 13amps
  • Non Heater Option

Product Options: CSOTW15AX

Single Kit: £1,131.60 inc. VAT (£943.00 ex. VAT)

All prices include mainland UK delivery (exclusions apply )

Quick dehumidifier sizing guide

Small unheated storage areas and garages maintained at 60% RH or less or for well constructed buildings, not extremely exposed to prevailing winds.

Up to 75m3 (2,648ft3) OTW15AX
Up to 150m3 (5,297ft3) DH30AX
Up to 350m3 (12,359ft3) DH60AX
Up to 500m3 (17,655ft3) DH75AX
Up to 750m3 (26,483ft3) DH110AX
Up to 1000m3 (35,310ft3) DH150AX

Correction factors

  1. For buildings not well sealed, i.e. poor fitting doors or buildings in constant use, halve the building volumes per unit selection
  2. For buildings extremely exposed but well sealed, divide building volume per unit by 1.6

Other Versions Available

  • Through the wall version
  • Electric air heater
  • LPHW air heater
  • Remote humidistat
  • Heater versions

All machines shown with red order codes include:

  • Installation instructions for best practice
  • One year Parts & Labout warranty
  • 0.5m length of flexible plastic hose to enable condensate to escape externally

Other Applications for Dehumidifiers

  • Wet clothes drying rooms
  • Preservation of empty buildings, plant etc.
  • Archives, museums and libraries
  • Utility buildings

Professional Dehumidifiers

These dehumidifiers are the choice of professional storage companies across the UK. The same technology is available for your garage.

Calorex Dehumidifier

Protect your pride and joy from rotting away in your garage or warehouse.

Key Features

  • High performance level, even in unheated rooms
  • Powerful centrifugal fan
  • Professional hot gas automatic defrost
  • Automatic hygrostat controlled dehumidification
  • Can connect to an external condensation drain or condensate pump
  • Self contained


  • Prevent corrosion of vulnerable metal surfaces and body panels
  • Dry damp rooms substantially quicker than heat to the point where cars can be stored for indefinite periods of time without moisture related degradation
  • Consume at least four times less energy than an equivalent heating system
  • Operate in unheated and uninsulated rooms without wasting energy
  • Provide a degree of background heating
  • Dry a vehicle if it is returned to the garage whilst wet

Using a dehumidifier is the only way to ensure that your car is kept in an environment that prevents rust.

Calorex Dehumidifier - Technical

With a relative humidity (RH) of over 60% the rate of corrosion on steel rises rapidly. At a RH of approximately 50% virtually no corrosion occurs.

All prices include mainland UK delivery (exclusions apply )

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