sleeved wall vent kits - for metric bricks

Order Code: PASS 230T

Passyfier 230T
Passyfier 230B
Passyfier 230W
Passyfier 230DG
Passyfier 230RR

Internal Grille Option: Plastic

Product Options: PASS 230T, (Terracotta)

  • Maximum water vapour transmission 2.3 litres per 24 hours
  • Maximum floor area per vent kit equals 20m2
  • Airbrick incorporates ArrestAir-Pro vane technology. Actual size 215 x 140mm high
  • Main tube length (open), 340mm
  • Main tube length (closed), 240mm
  • To fit nominal 225mm x 150mm aperture.
  • Internal grilles in white plastic, plaster, brass & stainless steel with built in fly screens. Plastic version has extra coverage for ease of retro fitting.
  • Instructions are included

+/- 2mm Metric bricks are 65mm high and 215mm long.


See our extensive range of Passyfier® Core Vent Kits for single storey, two storey and high rise applications.

Passyfier Vents are used as an aid to help control humidity and are NOT to be used as a method of providing ventilation to any gas, oil, or solid fuel appliance. See our ArrestAir-Pro range for air combustion venting.

Plastic* - Most Popular
Plastic Grille
Plaster Grille
Laquered Polished Brass**
Brass Grille
Brushed Stainless Steel**
Plastic Grille

*Smaller plastic grille available, size 263 x 164 x 9mm depth.
**Denotes extra cost incurred.


See our Technical Overview for both the Passyfier® Sleeved and Core range of products.


  1. Allow one vent per room with a maximum floor area not exceeding 20m2.
  2. In an open plan living room allow for two vents opposite each other.
  3. Use the compatible wind blast cowl, with every vent in exposed or coastal locations. Use in conjunction with mechanical extraction in kitchens and bathrooms.
  4. Kill any mould that exists on the floor, wall and ceiling surfaces with a good quality fungicidal wash before redecorating.
  5. Install the Passyfier vent at a high level in retrofit and new-build applications if possible.
  6. Use the Passyfier Sleeved Vent Kit wherever practical to maximise the transmission of water vapour.